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Management Information Systems (Minor)

Primary or Secondary Minor

The management information systems minor is designed to teach basic skills in the area of business, computer science and efficient handling of data. Students will develop abilities useful to careers in business administration, consulting, database administration, website production, systems development, technical support and education, among others.

Core Management Information Systems (Minor) Courses

CSCI 201 - Computer Programming I

An introduction to problem solving and structured programming using C# and XNA. Students will learn the basic concepts of programming by designing game programs for the Xbox. Topics covered include basic data types, control structures and subprograms. Students will learn how to design, code, debug, document, and execute programs using techniques of good programming style. Lab included. Read more »

MATH 200 - Elementary Statistics

An introduction to the theory and applications of statistics intended for students in business, nursing and the social sciences, but also recommended for students in the liberal arts. Topics include measures of central tendency and variability, probability distributions, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, linear regression, correlation, analysis of variance and nonparametric statistics. This course is not open to those in a mathematics major. Prerequisite: MATH 10 or recommendation of the department chairperson based upon mathematics assessment Read more »

MIS 220 - Microcomputer Applications for Business

A course designed to develop the skills necessary to use microcomputers for solving business- related problems by using various software packages (word processing, spreadsheet, database, presentation). Other topics include computer hardware, operating system software and applications software. Read more »

MIS 321 - Management Information Systems

A course designed to explore information systems from a managerial perspective. Other topics include information systems security, electronic business and telecommunication systems. Prerequisite: MIS 220 or permission of instructor Read more »

MIS 322 - System Analysis and Design

A course designed to study the analysis and design of information systems using the Systems Development Life Cycle approach and other methodologies. Prerequisite: MIS 322 Read more »

Additional Program Requirements

The management information systems minor also requires one course from the following

Or, an approved inofrmation systems course taught in a given discipline.