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The mission of the biology program is to prepare students for careers in research, teaching, environmental science, industry or government as well as to enter professional schools or to continue their education at the graduate level.

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Nov 8, 2019

Briar Cliff Inducts New Faculty to Emeriti Status

May 10, 2019

Student Blog: Senior Reflection - Ikram Omar

May 10, 2019

Student Blog: Senior Reflection - Olivia Matz

Prairie Turnip Research

Mar 18, 2017

BCU professors, students are fighting bacteria with prairie turnips

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BIOL 102 - Human Biology
BIOL 102L - Human Biology Laboratory
BIOL 106 - Biology of Women
BIOL 151 - General Biology I
BIOL 152 - General Biology II
BIOL 175 - Independent Biology Study
BIOL 212 - General Botany
BIOL 213 - Invertebrate Zoology
BIOL 221 - Human Anatomy
BIOL 222 - Human Physiology
BIOL 22IS - Scientific Writing and Research
BIOL 237 - General Ecology
BIOL 239 - Intro to Microbiology
BIOL 240 - Nutrition
BIOL 275 - Independent Biology Study II
BIOL 280 - Extended Field Trip
BIOL 300 - Entomology
BIOL 320 - Comparative Vertebrate Zoology
BIOL 339 - Principles of Microbiology
BIOL 340 - Pathophysiology
BIOL 35 IS - Advanced Human Anatomy
BIOL 357 - Genetics
BIOL 375 - Independent Biology Study III
BIOL 400 - Immunology
BIOL 412 - Field Botany
BIOL 420 - Cell and Molecular Biology
BIOL 420L - Cellular and Molecular Biology Lab
BIOL 440 - Special Methods of Teaching Secondary School Biology
BIOL 475 - Independent Biology Study IV
BIOL 58IS - Senior Seminar
BiOL 623 - Advanced Pathophysiology
ESCI 110 - Environmental Science
ESCI 175 - Independent Environmental Science Study
ESCI 211 - Earth Science I: Introductory Geology
ESCI 212 - Earth Science II: Earth Processes
ESCI 213 - Earth Science III: Weather and Climate
ESCI 237 - General Ecology
ESCI 275 - Independent Environmental Science Study II
ESCI 280 - Extended Field Trip
ESCI 300 - Entomology
ESCI 339 - Principles of Microbiology
ESCI 375 - Independent Environmental Science Study III
ESCI 401 - Environmental Law and Policy
ESCI 412 - Field Botany


Brian Hazlett

Brian T. Hazlett
Professor of Biology; Director, Center for Prairie Studies

David Hoferer

David Hoferer
Professor of Biology; Department Chair

Daniel Jung

Daniel Jung
Assistant Professor of Biology; Director, Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT); Director, Carver Lab

Rhett Reichard
Assistant Professor of Biology

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Tony Kollasch

Academically, I felt that the programs that I was interested in would provide a strong foundation for pursuing a career in physical therapy. Coming from a small school, I liked the small class sizes and getting the chance to build a relationship with my teachers. Furthermore, I was drawn in by the sense of community that I felt on campus.

Tony Kollasch

Biology and Applied Health and Exercise Sciences

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