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Art History Program

Degree Type: Primary or Secondary Minor

The minor in Art History is designed to develop students' intellectual abilities and technical skills, along with an appreciation of the major events that shaped art as we know it today. This minor will provide valuable skills for a variety of fields, including graphic design, architecture, curatorship and teaching.

Art History Program Courses

ART 115 - Art History: Prehistory to Gothic

A historical survey of Western Art from Prehistory through Gothic. Includes the Ancient World: Prehistory, Egyptian, Ancient Near East, Aegean, Greek, Etruscan and Roman; and The Middle Ages: Early Christian, Byzantine, Early Medieval, Romanesque and Gothic. Read more »

ART 116 - Art History: Renaissance to Modern

A historical survey of Western Art from Renaissance through Modern. Includes The Renaissance through Rococo: Early and High Renaissance, Mannerism, Late Gothic, Baroque and Rococo; and The Modern World: Neoclassicism, Romanticism, Realism, Impressionism, Post-Impressionism and Twentieth Century. Read more »

ART 117 - Art History: Modern

A historical survey of Modern Art, a time of radical change and innovation. Includes: Early Modernism, Cubism, Expressionism, Futurism, Dadaism, De Stijl, Surrealism, Abstract Expressionism, Pop Art, Minimalism, Post-Painterly Abstraction, Conceptualism, Lyrical Abstraction, Hyper Realism, Neo-Expressionism, Post-Modernism, and Neo-Modernism. Read more »

ART 217 - Reading Seminar

A seminar course with selected readings in contemporary, avant-garde art and theories, emphasizing major artists and critics. This course prepares the student for critical discussion and research in the studio and the independent reading program. As a forum of concepts and ideas, the student is challenged to consider the purpose and meaning of twentieth century art as they begin to deal with their own art forms and develop their personal philosophy of art. Read more »

HIST 110 - An Introduction to World Civilizations

This survey will study the various patterns of world civilizations, beginning with ancient societies. The course will focus mainly on their social and cultural influences, trans-cultural interactions, and the impact of these societies on the present. Read more »

Additional Program Requirements

The minor in art history also requires the completion of either ART 111 or ART 230

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Angelica Mercado

I'm thinking about being a museum curator or an art therapist. I've seen how art can change people's lives!

Angelica Mercado

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