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Human Performance

Degree Type: Bachelor of Science
Program(s) Offered: Major Only

The Bachelors of Science in Human Performance (formerly B.S. Kinesiology and Human Performance) delves into the relations of health and fitness.

From Classes to a Career.

With a background provided in physical activity, nutrition and coaching, students pursuing this degree may choose to work in the wellness field, personal training, coaching, or strength and conditioning. Graduates may also choose to seek a graduate degree, and they will find that this degree ideally prepares them for an M.A./M.S. in coaching, strength and conditioning or health promotion.

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Learn from professors who are renowned, published and practicing in their field. And with our small student-to-faculty ratio, you'll get the attention you deserve!

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Human Performance Courses

BIOL 240 - Nutrition

A survey of the principles of nutrition and their application to normal conditions of growth and development. Includes food groups, nutrient requirements, energy metabolism, composition and safety of foods, nutritional needs for the different life stages, and application of nutrition to health care and sports. Read more »

ENGL 320 - British Renaissance Literature

Students will encounter the rebirth of learning and humanism from the 16th through the 17th centuries through reading works by British authors such as Spenser, Sidney, Marlowe, Donne, Ben Johnson, Herbert, Milton, and others. Prerequisite:WRTG 109 or equivalent skill Read more »

KHP 143 - Personal and Community Health

An introductory course concerned with the many factors which influence a person's health. Special consideration is afforded the subject areas of substance abuse, disease and holistic health. Consideration is also given to the functions which various health agencies serve and to the modern technological advances which have been accomplished in health. Read more »

KHP 200 - Foundations of Kinesiology/Careers

An advanced course designed to meet the students' needs for careers related to kinesiology and exercise science. Read more »

KHP 350 - Exercise Physiology

A study of the scientific foundations of high-level performance and skill learning. Incorporates findings of exercise physiology, psychology and physical education in the area of human movement. Stresses application for the practitioner. Prerequisite: junior standing Read more »

KHP 400/500 - Fitness Testing and Exercise Prescription

Basic skills and understanding are developed in the art and science of fitness testing and exercise prescription. The conducting of individualized fitness programs for all age groups will be examine. Read more »

THTR 101 - Introduction to Theatre

A study of all the elements of the theatre: history, acting, directing, design and production. The course is designed as a basis for intelligent theatre going. Consists of lectures, selected readings, a project and play attendance. Read more »

Additional Program Requirements