NURS 715 - Primary Care of the Adult I

This course explores utilization of all levels of prevention with a focus on primary health care delivery and primary and secondary prevention with the mid-life family: health promotion, risk screening, disease prevention, and diagnosis and early treatment of health alterations. Theory and clinical experiences focus on students’ use of diagnostic reasoning skills to diagnose and treat common health concerns seen in primary care. Current research and epidemiological trends in health care are explored and serve as the foundation for application of clinical decision making in advanced practice roles. Within a context of ethics and values from the Catholic perspective this course provides opportunity for discussion, differentiation, and application of the concepts related to various clinical practice roles. Laboratory and clinical experiences allow students to apply theory and research in diagnosing and treating common health concerns seen in primary care, and emphasize promotion and restoration of the client’s wholistic health.

This course is offered online, but also required 60 hours in a clinical setting. 


NURS 715 - Primary Care of the Adult I - Details

Fall, Spring
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