Music History and Literature I

MUSC 247 - Music History and Literature I

A study of musical developments in art music from their origins through the Pre-classical era (1760-70). Special emphasis is placed on the evolution of styles, forms, instrumentation, and performance practice. Areas to be explored include (but are not limited to): music of Antiquity; the development of Gregorian chant, organum, the isorhythmic motet, and the rise of the secular song in the Middle Ages; the importance of the Mass, the Motet, and the Madrigal in the Renaissance; the beginning of opera and the rise of instrumental music in the Baroque and Pre- classical eras. The musical elements will be introduced and the student is expected to do aural analysis and be able to identify through listening the music and forms from each of these period of music history.

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Foundational Course:
Aesthetic Foundation