Earth Science II: Earth Processes

ESCI 212 - Earth Science II: Earth Processes

A survey of the physical forces which shape our earth

The study of geomorphology provides a deeper understanding of landscape and its evolution and merges geography and geology. Furthermore it permits an integrated study of the biosphere, lithosphere, atmosphere, and hydrosphere while assisting the anticipation of natural hazards and human impacts. Ultimately an understanding of earth processes establishes the groundwork to ask how, when, what, and where.

Begin to know the territory.

This course will cover:

  • processes (mass wasting, fluvial, ground water and karst, glacial and periglacial, wind, and coastal) by which the earth’s topography is formed
  • regional landforms within the United States
  • landform processes of the Loess Hills and immediate Siouxland region

Grade based on:

  • three lecture tests
  • term paper
  • oral report
  • attendance
  • lab reports
  • map submissions

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