Environmental Science

ESCI 110 - Environmental Science

A look at human impacts on the world and ways to minimize them

The world faces an array of environmental problems. Soil is eroding faster than it is being formed, the world's tropical forests are being cleared, grasslands are being overgrazed, and wetlands are being lost. In our unabated quest for energy and resources acid rain destroys lakes and weakens forests and ground water is used faster than it is being replenished. We face the threats of global warming, ozone depletion, and mass extinctions of plants and animals. We can take comfort, however, that in many places Nature is resilient. Individuals can resist the temptation to do what is easier and instead make less of an impact on the environment by first becoming informed and getting involved. Briar Cliff students who take this course as either a general education requirement or intending to major in Environmental Science will be better prepared to make decisions and influence public policy concerning environmental issues..

You can make a difference.

This course will cover:

  • the basics of ecology
  • soil, water, and atmospheric issues
  • energy issues
  • solid waste and recycling
  • a historical review of US environmentalism
  • land use issues such as wilderness, range policy, National Parks, National Forests, and National Wildlife Refuges

Grade based on:

  • three lecture tests
  • final
  • conservation/environmental action portfolio
  • attendance
  • weekly reading summaries
  • lab reports and quizzes

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