The Franciscan Experience

CORE 101 - The Franciscan Experience

This philosophical underpinnings of this course are rooted in the Franciscan tradition of service. We will spend time reading about and discussing Franciscan values, like reverencing creation, promoting peace, building community, and serving society. We will investigate relationships from an interdisciplinary approach and at our best, instructional methods will be collaborative. Expect minimal lecture and lots of discussion, reflective writing, and group projects and presentations.


  1. Learn how to further develop and apply Franciscan values & critical thinking skills in complex, 21st century situations.
  2. Learn how to function as a productive member of a service community, based heavily on the Franciscan service learning model.
  3. Learn how to build meaningful community partnerships, whether in Sioux City or in a developing country (or somewhere in-between).
  4. Learn some of the techniques involved with creating and executing service-oriented activities.


The Core 101 class is required of all undergraduate majors at Briar Cliff must enroll in one of the following sections:

101B: Health Maintenance and Prevention
101C: Celebrating Youth Leadership
101D: Advocacy & Leadership in Bully Prevention
101E: Environemntal Stewardship
101F: Advocating for Community Needs
101G: Furthering Families
101H: Education-Advocacy-Care
101J: Finding the Special in the Need

Don't forget, there are traveling CORE 101s, as well:

California Missions Trip
Mission Honduras
Guatemala Trip
Natural History of Costa Rica

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