Heffernan Mall

Common Green Space in the Center of Campus

Heffernan Mall, the beautiful green space located in the centerpiece of campus, is surrounded by elegant landscaping and token mementos of BCU history. Over the years, Briar Cliff students have continued a tradition of connecting in joyful service to preserve and enhance this community space through a variety of volunteer projects.

Dedicated In Memory Benches

There are many places to sit down and lounge while you are taking a stroll around campus. Many of the benches you will see located within the Heffernan Mall and beyond have been dedicated in memory of former BCU alumni.

Recycled Picnic Tables

Thanks to the generosity of several Picnic Table Grants that added several new picnic tables made from recycled plastic grocery bags, courtesy of the Build with Bags grant program by the Iowa Grocery Industry Association. One picnic table represents approximately 20,000 bags that will not end up at a landfill.

Located throughout the heart of campus in the Heffernan Mall, these picnic tables make it possible to gather and enjoy the beautiful scenery of campus while studying, grabbing lunch, or just hanging outside with friends.             


Statues & Sculptures

Paio Sculpture

The Paio Sculpture, originally the stunning centerpiece of Heffernan Mall, was moved to its current location when Stark Student Center was constructed in 2000. This was graciously gifted by BCU Alumni, Margaret Heffernan and made by her daughter Ann Royer.

Ms. Royer's other works have been exhibited at Cornerhouse Gallery and Frame in Cedar Rapids, the Sioux City Arts Center, and the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art, and other venues around the country. 

The Peace Pole and St. Francis Statue

The Peace Pole and St. Francis Statue are located just outside of the Bishop Mueller Library. The Peace pole bares the message "May Peace Prevail on Earth" in several different languages.  Both the pole and the statue serve as a reminder of our Franciscan value of peacemaking for every Charger who passes them each day. 

Fire Pit

 In Heffernan Mall, located just outside the Stark Student Center, is a Fire Pit that makes a perfect central place to gather with friends or classmates and enjoy the beautiful views of campus. 

The Project was in honor of Thomas Patterson, a student, who sacrificed his life to save his classmates in the Missouri River.  The 2018 senior class assembled a group of six individuals, to fundraise for the Fire Pit.  Briar Cliff Student Government assisted in the project with up to a $2,000 gift match dependent on what the seniors raised. 

Enjoy the great outdoors and foster campus life relationships around the fire.

When the fire pit is lit, it creates the perfect atmosphere to warm up, enjoy roasting marshmallows, telling stories and creating memories.

Take advantage of this cozy space to lounge around between classes, study or hang out with friends.

Available to the Public

Our Outdoor amenities located throughout the Heffernan Mall are open to the public, as long as patrons stick to our standard campus rules for behavior (no drugs or alcohol). For other rules, see the Briar Cliff student handbook.