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STUDENT BLOG: Teacher Appreciation Day

Sonia Perea-Morales

In honor of National Teacher Appreciation Day, Sonia Perea-Morales ('18) shared a letter to two professors who changed her life during her time at The Cliff.

To my art professors, Nan and Jeff


You saw something in me that I didn’t. I was so set on becoming a traditional/realistic artist that I did not allow myself to even consider becoming an abstract artist. I didn’t appreciate abstract art. I didn’t understand why people wasted their time on it, but you opened my eyes. You helped me see beyond the image. To value the medium as much as the end product. By helping me become an abstract artist, I have created pieces of artwork that I completely love. It truly was an eye opener. Thank you for helping me see art with ‘brand new eyes.’


Thank you for dealing with my sarcasm and tardiness. I know I haven’t been the most punctual student, but you still considered my work to be good and that’s all I ever wanted. Thank you for guiding me in each piece that I have made. I value your opinion greatly. You taught me how to be a professional artist, and without you I would be lost. I hope to receive invitations to your shows! I love your work, it’s so beautiful. I knew the end of my time here at Briar Cliff was imminent and though I am a little nervous of what’s to come, I know that I can use what you taught me to succeed.

Thank you both so much. I am glad that I chose to come to Briar Cliff. I can’t imagine being taught or having a close relationship with any other art professors.

I will miss you both greatly,

Sonia Perea-Morales


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