Snail mail still a hit with college students

Snail mail: It's still a hit with college students!

Student Frank Wallace sorts mail for his work study job in the Briar Cliff mailroom.

SIOUX CITY, Iowa — In today’s fast-paced, smart-phone world, you might think students aren't taking the time to check their their physical campus mailbox.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

The Sioux City Journal published an article earlier this year saying snail mail is still a hit with today’s college students. 

“If you ask a student, they say absolutely. They love getting the mail,” said Renee Allan, who coordinates the Briar Cliff mail room. 



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According to the article, BCU processes up to 25 mesh bags of mail a week, each holding about 70 pounds. You do the math!

An email might be faster, and a text message more convenient. But they can’t quite replace a handwritten letter, or a card filled with a few dollars, when it comes to reminding students of home.

“If one person gets mail,” a student told the Journal, “everyone is like, ‘Oh my gosh, what did you get?’”

Need some ideas of what to send? Care packages, family pictures, gift cards, local newspaper clippings or letters from siblings will all remind your student of home. Also, share your student’s address with other relatives who might want to drop a note: grandparents, relatives, friends and neighbors!

Who knows? Next time you visit campus, you might be surprised to find that card hanging on your student’s bulletin board. 

Try doing that with an e-mail!

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