Crowley's House

Briar Cliff University Announces New “Crowley House”

June 19, 2023

Briar Cliff University announced the acquisition of a new house. The home, named the “Crowley House”, is in honor of beloved faculty member Michael Crowley who passed away earlier this year. The property will serve as the home of Briar Cliff’s President and serve as an event space for meetings and other gatherings.

“Michael personified our Catholic Values, particularly in his kindness and care for his students,” said Michelle Boe, Vice President of University Advancement and General Counsel. “This will give us the opportunity to foster close relationships with donors, alumni, students, and the BCU community by hosting them at the new property.”

Professor Crowley was well known to host students at his home and making them feel welcome. He enjoyed cooking the food that the students requested. 


The Board of Trustees approved the name “Crowley House” after his service to the institution since 1989. In addition to being the department chair of the digital communications department, he also taught Franciscan values classes to freshmen during his tenure.


Crowley was a Franciscan Associate, devoted to spreading his faith and embodied the core Franciscan Values of Briar Cliff. In 2014, he spoke at a symposium of the Association of Franciscan Colleges and Universities, with the title “Rooting a University Community in Franciscan Values.” Crowley shared how the four Franciscan values are the cornerstone of the institution.  

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