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Learn About Virtual Continuing Education Sessions 

The Institute strives to offer innovative sessions to support adult learning, working professionals, and leaders in an array of professional disciplines. Continuing education certificates are awarded to all registered attendees.  The session topics include:

  • Strategies for Effective Supervision and Leadership in Health and Human Services 

This session is designed for professionals in an array of health care, mental health, addictions, social work, social services settings who would like to gain additional resources and tools for providing effective supervision and leadership. This session will be valuable for current, experienced, and future supervisors and leaders.  Trainer: Heidi Kammer-Hodge


  • Self-Care is now Required- Operationalizing the New Code of Ethics for Social Workers in partnership with the University of Iowa (UI) School of Social Work

*This Session is free form BCU and University of Iowa social work students.

This session is designed for social workers but is open to all professionals interested in learning about self-care and ethics.  Participants will learn about 2021 revisions to the Code of Ethics, with an emphasis on self-care; connect self-care with ethical social work practice; assess their self-care, recognizing the difference between self-soothing and self-care; and develop self-care plans, focusing on two life domains of their choice. Trainers: Julia Kleinschmit with UI and Margarite Reinert with BCU.  

  • What I Learned in the Meeting Could have been Sent in an Email than that Two Hour Meeting: How do we Best Reach Learners?

This session is designed for educators, coaches, and professionals in a variety of learning settings.  Participants will gain strategies for reaching all types of learners and team members in a more efficient and effective manner. Tools and resources will be provided. Trainer:  Dr. Stephanie Bell


  • Bridging the Language Gap: Best Practices for Patients with Limited English Proficiency

This session is designed for professionals in the health care and human services fields.  This session will define LEP, interpreter, translator and qualified bilingual staff; discuss the laws and regulations regarding the use of interpreters and bilingual staff with LEP patients; explain the roles and responsibilities of the provider, the patient/family, and the interpreter in an interaction with a patient or client with LEP; and describe best practices for use of interpreters in patient care scenarios. Trainer: Dr. Soren Grieve

  • Strategies for Emergency Management.

This session is for all levels and areas of government employees, non-profit organizations, volunteers, private sector businesses. As a result of this session attendees will gain knowledge about types of emergencies, strategies for responding effectively, and tools and resources for effectively preparing for and managing emergencies.  Trainer: Patricia Feese

  • Uncovering and Addressing Unconscious Bias to Improve Professional Relationships

This session is designed for all individuals and professionals who want to enhance their professional relationships andincrease work setting effectiveness.  This session explore what unconscious bias is, why it occurs, strategies for addressing, how it connects to diversity, equity, and inclusion; and resources for enhancing professional relationships.  Trainer: Elizabeth Rembold

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Why the Institute for Leadership and Advancement? 

The need and opportunity for leadership development has never been more urgent. Several large-scale industry studies indicate that more than 50% of senior leaders believe that their talent development efforts do not adequately build critical skills and organizational capabilities. 

  • Customized consultation & training: Leadership training and consultation will be available to regional organizations to include customized leadership training, consultation, and/or coaching designed to business and organizational priorities. 
  • Advancing leadership at every level: Sessions are open and encouraged for everyone. Executive and senior leaders, young professionals, professionals seeking a career change, and those looking to build their skill set in leadership & management. 
  • Cohort-based: Participants will get to develop strong and necessary leadership skills while building a professional network of colleagues and instructors. 

The purpose of the Institute for Leadership and Advancement is to serve as a local and regional go-to resource for continuing education, training, consultation, and professional development for current, developing, and aspiring leaders in the for-profit and non-profit sector. Services will be available to individuals, groups, organizations, and companies with both in person and virtual opportunities. Individuals who complete the leadership will be awarded an academic continuing education certificate and electronic badge in leadership in addition to 36 hours of customized education and skill building from BCU Institute for Leadership and Advancement.