International Business

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Undergraduate Program

Bachelor of Arts



Female student learning about international business in the classroom.

Why This Program?

 Creating ethical world leaders.

International business refers to the trade of goods, services, technology, capital and/or knowledge across national borders. A degree in international business allows for a world of opportunities. Explore one of the fastest growing sectors of business from instructors with extensive experience in global business operations. 

  • Real Experience: As a student you'll receive credited internship hours that will help ensure you graduate with the skills needed to make an impact in your chosen career field. You can fulfill these credits anywhere in the world! 
  • Flexible: Offering a range of online degree programs and providing you customized content that you can read, listen to, watch, or interact with based on whatever way you learn best. 
  • Make international connections: From hands on internships to opportunities to mingle with international business leaders, international business majors have the opportunity to network with organizations that conduct business worldwide. Briar Cliff offers unlimited experiences to set you up for a successful career at home or abroad. 

Briar Cliff offers one of the region's only dedicated international business program curriculums. Students will learn from some of the industry's most experienced faculty in international business, accounting and law - faculty who care about you and know your goals. If you decide to earn a double major, you can accomplish it in just 4 years.