Homeland Security

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Why This Program? 

Be part of a higher calling.

Homeland Security has a vital mission: to secure the nation from the many threats we face, from terrorism to natural disasters. This requires the dedication of more than 240,000 employees in jobs that range from aviation and border security to emergency response, from cybersecurity analyst to chemical facility inspector. Earn your well-rounded degree at an institution that understands the value of experiential learning and prioritizes you as an individual.

  • Add a specialization to your degree: Homeland Security introduces students to the broad scope of the homeland security enterprise with courses in terrorism and counterterrorism, public administration and homeland security, cybersecurity, and emergency management and critical infrastructure protection. The Homeland Security courses can be taken individually, as a stand-alone concentration, or as a compliment in any degree program. 
  • Examine key areas: Students will learn the 16 critical infrastructure sectors considered vital to the United States along with what destruction of any of these sectors would mean. 
  • Gain hands-on experience: Students will examine real world incidents and events to discuss how to actively establish a strategy to shift our risk from a reactive to a proactive security posture. 

Affordable. Flexible. Personable. 

Briar Cliff University has made it easier than ever to continue your education. Whether you take one course or complete your degree, Briar Cliff University offers a flexible and affordable degree completion program designed with non-traditional student work and home life schedules in mind. You'll get to know our caring community by building your skills and connections with experienced faculty and staff.

These continuing education courses are designed to be adaptable. You have the choice of participating:

  • In-Person
  • Online
  • Remote

For those already working in the criminal justice field, whether law enforcement, courts, or corrections, Briar Cliff University has made it more affordable for continued learning. Call for special pricing.