Graphic Design

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Bachelor of Arts

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Female student working on poster in the computer lab.

Why This Program?

Tell stories through graphic art. 

As a graphic design major, you'll learn how to fill it. Graphic design is everywhere: billboards, signs on buildings, ads in a magazine, invitations to a wedding, and even the web you're surfing right now! Welcome to the digital world, where your screen is the new blank canvas.

  • Latest and greatest: You'll have 24-hour access to our remodeled Elinor McDevitt Freeman Writing and Design Center, which includes large-screen iMac computers equipped with the full Adobe Creative Cloud software suite, providing you the most up-to-date tools every time you log in.
  • Show your work: The Clausen Art Gallery on campus is a live, working exhibit, where you'll have the chance to display your own graphic design portfolio in a gallery setting. The gallery has featured students and professional artists from across Siouxland and beyond.
  • Project Based Learning: This program allows its students to develop their own passions and master their craft through project based learning, with endless opportunities. Projects include mixed media infographics, Briar Cliff Review layout, designing a book cover with only fonts, and more. Get as creative as possible!

The Media Communications Department was recently ranked 17th nationally among digital communication programs.