Undergraduate Program

Minor, Teaching Endorsement


female student working on writing assignment.


Why This Program?

English can help you gain an appreciation of literature, and the invaluable ability to express yourself through text. 

  • Immerse yourself in literature: Whether you're embarking on literary tours of the United Kingdom, Europe or Latin America, catching some professional regional theatre, or hanging with some friends at a local coffeehouse reading, as an English major at Briar Cliff, you'll be part of a close family of faculty and students who support one another's efforts to dream big and achieve!
  • Personalize your degree: Choose an emphasis, and we'll make sure your degree is tailor-made to fit your career goals: English Teaching Endorsement, Law Emphasis, Public Relations Emphasis, Public Service Emphasis, Library Science Emphasis, English Teaching Endorsement.

The English program is designed to develop student's insights into human nature and thought, as well as an appreciation of the written word as a mode of expression. It is meant to help prepare students for careers in business, law, education, public service and information services, among hundreds of other fields.