Criminal Justice

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Bachelor of Arts

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Student fingerprinting with 2 police officers.

Why This Program?

Be part of the great comeback. 

If you are interested in criminal law, criminal investigations, law enforcement, or corrections then a degree in criminal justice could be right for you. A major in criminal justice provides a great foundation for careers as police officers, investigators, lawyers, probation, parole, and correctional officers. A degree in criminal justice is also a great foundation for furthering your education in a graduate program or law school. 

Career possibilities within the criminal justice system continue to expand and faculty members are committed to providing the most current information on those emerging trends with experts in the field. One new program provides a concentration in Homeland Security and Emergency Management applicable for local, state, and federal agencies, private businesses, non-governmental organizations, and corporations.

  • Get a well-rounded degree: At Briar Cliff, you will learn not only how our justice system works but, with an education rooted in Franciscan values, you will also be prepared to make a difference in how our society addresses crime, victims, and offenders. 
  • Gain hands-on experience: You will be afforded opportunities to gain personal experience through completing a senior internship program.  
  • Set yourself up for success: Our staff will help and guide you to tailor your program to add another major or minors for your future career. 
  • Minor in legal studies: Interested in becoming a prosecutor or public defender? A minor in legal studies is the best way to prepare for your success in law school after Briar Cliff!
  • Concentration in Homeland Security: Add knowledge to aid your skills and abilities to protect our nation's critical infrastructure. 

Earn your well-rounded degree at an institution that understands the value of experiential learning and prioritizes you as an individual.