Computer Science

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Undergraduate Program

Bachelor of Science

Major, Minor, Teaching Endorsement


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Why This Program?

Largest growing, fast-changing industry.

In today's world, nearly everyone depends on computers, and computer science majors are the people who computers depend on. Gain a solid background in the fundamental concepts of computer science, skills that translate into an immediate job in our technology-driven world. Our computer science program will empower you to better understand technology and logically process problems, brainstorm solutions, and see process improvement and programming projects through to the end.

  • Put your skills to the test: Compete in the Annual Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) International Collegiate Programming Contest. It's a chance to test your problem-solving skills against students from across the Midwest!

  • Prepare for success: Our graduates are well-prepared to enter careers in computer programming and systems analysis. They are currently employed at such places as Microsoft, MidAmerican Energy, Mutual of Omaha, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, The Principal, American Identity and other businesses.

  • Early placement: Computer science will always be in demand. Our computer science students have been known to enter into their careers as soon as they graduate, often times at their internship places of employment, immediately putting their education into practice.  

The world of computing is vast and growing every day. From website development to network security to video game production, computer science careers are some of the most in demand. Once you have your fundamentals down, this program is designed to provide a variety of unique experiences while discovering what interests you most.