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The Bachelor of Science in Nursing, the Master of Science in Nursing, and the DNP programs at Briar Cliff University are accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education.

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Jun 24, 2020

BCU’s Doctor of Nursing Practice Ranked 2nd Best Nationally

Jun 8, 2020

Students Receive Program Awards and Honors Recognition

Jun 5, 2020

Online Master Nursing Program Ranked Most Affordable

Jun 2, 2020

Briar Cliff Nursing Department Adds Faculty

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NURS 276 - Integration of Holistic Health for Interdisciplinary Health Professionals
NURS 300 - Evidence-Based Nursing Practice
NURS 301 - Comparing Nursing Practice: Yesterday - Today (RN-BSN only)
NURS 302 - Foundational Nursing Concepts
NURS 305 - Evidence-Based Practice and Research in Nursing (RN-BSN Only)
NURS 307 - Nurse Residency Evidence-Based Practice Project (RN-BSN only)
NURS 308 - Nurse Residency Evidence-Based Practice Project (RN-BSN only)
NURS 310 - Theoretical Bases for Nursing Practice (RN-BSN only)
NURS 312 - Concepts for Beginning Nursing Practice
NURS 320 - Health Assessment for Registered Nurses (RN-BSN only)
NURS 322 - Health Assessment
NURS 332 - Concepts for Reproduction and Sexuality
NURS 339 - Pathophysiology for Registered Nurses (RN-BSN Only)
NURS 356 - Biological and Health Aspects of Aging (RN-BSN only)
NURS 357 - Palliative Care and End-of-Life for Nurses (RN-BSN only)
NURS 360 - Concepts for Intermediate Nursing Practice I
NURS 365 - Pediatric Growth and Development
NURS 370 - Concepts for Intermediate Nursing Practice II
NURS 400 - Psychosocial Concepts of Nursing Practice
NURS 402 - Nursing Practice in the Community
NURS 405 - Nursing Process in the Community I (RN-BSN Only)
NURS 435 - Nursing Leadership in the Health Care Delivery System (RN-BSN Only)
NURS 455 - Nursing Process in the Community II (RN-BSN Only)
NURS 460 - Nursing Leadership & Management
NURS 465 - Nursing Preceptorship Experience
NURS 475 - Transition into Professional Nursing
NURS 480 - Concepts for Complex Nursing Practice
NURS 501 - Theoretical Foundations For Advanced Nursing Practice
NURS 510 - Heath Care System: Paradigms, Policy And Ethics
NURS 520 - Foundations Of Advanced Nursing Practice
NURS 521 - Theoretical Foundations of Higher Education
NURS 525 - Health Assessment/Health Promotion for Nurse Educators
NURS 529 - Research Methods for Advanced Practice Nursing
NURS 550 - Advanced Human Pathophysiology
NURS 560 - Advanced Health Assessment
NURS 570 - Advanced Pharmacology
NURS 580 - Theoretical Foundations in Higher Education
NURS 590 - Curriculum and Instruction
NURS 600 - Curriculum Development
NURS 601 - Management of Health Problems
NURS 602 - Integrating Technology into Nursing Education
NURS 605 - Measuring Educational Outcomes in Nursing
NURS 612 - Ethical/Legal Issues and Challenges in Nursing Education
NURS 621 - Evidence Based Practice I
NURS 622 - Evidence Based Practice II
NURS 624 - Evidence Based Practice III
NURS 631 - Advanced Health Assessment
NURS 632 - Advanced Practice Skills Lab
NURS 660 - Teaching and Evaluating Learning in Colleges of Nursing (Theory Based)
NURS 665 - Teaching and Evaluating Learning in Colleges of Nursing (Clinical Based)
NURS 673 - Teaching in Colleges of Nursing Practicum
NURS 675 - Cultural Competence in Health Care
NURS 680 - Synthesis: Implementing the Nurse Educator Role
NURS 710 - Primary Care in Pediatrics
NURS 715 - Primary Care of the Adult I
NURS 725 - Leadership in Complex Health Care Organizations
NURS 730 - Primary Care of the Adult II
NURS 746 - Family Nurse Practitioner Practicum
NURS 747 - Family Nurse Practitioner Practicum
NURS 756 - Adult/Gerontology Nurse Practitioner Practicum
NURS 757 - Gerontology Practicum
NURS 758 - Adult/Gerontology Nurse Practitioner Practicum
NURS 760 - Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Throughout the Lifespan
NURS 791-796 - DNP Practicum
NURS 800 - Epidemiology and Global Health
NURS 810 - Information Technology for Evidence-based Practice
NURS 820 - Financial Management for Health Care Organizations
NURS 830 - Translational Research for Advanced Nursing
NURS 840 - Philosophy and Theory for Advanced Practice Nursing
NURS 845 - Financial Management for Health Care Organizations
NURS 846 - Translational Research and Practice Innovation Project I
NURS 856-866-876 - Practice Innovation Project II-IV
NURS 871-874 - DNP Practice Innovation Project
NURS 880 - Professional Ethics for Health Care Leaders
NURS 890 - Leadership in Complex Healthcare Organizations


Susan Biedler

Susan Beidler
Professor of Nursing

Richard Petersen

Richard Petersen
Associate Professor of Nursing

Ronda Keenan

Ronda Keenan
Assistant Professor of Nursing; RN-BSN Program Director

Catherine Grimsley

Catherine Grimsley
Assistant Professor, Pre-licensure BSN Program Director

Gretchen Wheelock

Gretchen Wheelock
Associate Professor of Nursing; Graduate Nursing Program Director; Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner

Heather Stehr

Heather Stehr
Assistant Professor

Dawn Hobbs

Dawn Hobbs
Instructor of Nursing

Anasara Henry

Anasara Henry
Assistant Professor of Nursing, Clinical Nurse Practitioner

Courtney Ott

Courtney Ott
Assistant Professor

Melissa McClain
Clinical Education Coordinator

Sandra Scholten
Associate Professor of Nursing

Connie Windeshausen
Assistant Professor of Nursing

Brittney Wilson
Administrative Assistant

Shannon O'Connell-Persaud
Assistant Professor of Nursing

Candace Chihak
Department Chair/Associate Professor

Carol Pierce
Associate Nursing Professor

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