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The Department of Modern Languages provides a stimulating environment for students who love languages, literature, and the craft of written expression. To prepare for professions compatible with those interests, students may choose from a rich variety of courses that may lead to careers in education, law, library science, government, business writing, marketing, public relations, grant writing, creative writing, editing, technical writing, and many other exciting fields.

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Mar 19, 2019

Briar Cliff alumni featured at Phil Hey Reading Series

Jan 23, 2019

Briar Cliff lecture series to explore challenges faced by immigrant and refugee learners

Dec 14, 2018

Briar Cliff English and writing professor publishes article on the zombie apocalypse and energy

Nov 19, 2018

Briar Cliff professor authors book on eighteenth-century American perspectives

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ENGL 110 - Introduction to Literature
ENGL 125 - Film and Literature
ENGL 14 IS - Adolescent Literature
ENGL 140 - Multicultural Voices
ENGL 150 - Women's Voices
ENGL 16 IS - Briar Cliff Review: Proofing and Producing
ENGL 175 - Independent English Study
ENGL 19 IS - Advanced Briar Cliff Review
ENGL 215 - Modern Literature
ENGL 243 - Shakespeare
ENGL 260 - Classics of World Literature
ENGL 275 - Independent English Study II
ENGL 295 - Special Topics
ENGL 301 - Literary Criticism
ENGL 310 - Medieval Literature
ENGL 320 - British Renaissance Literature
ENGL 330 - British Enlightenment Literature
ENGL 340 - Nineteenth Century American Literature
ENGL 345 - Twentieth Century American Literature
ENGL 362 - Nineteenth Century British Literature
ENGL 375 - Independent English Study III
ENGL 440 - Special Methods in Secondary Teaching
ENGL 460 - Senior Seminar
ENGL 475 - Independent English Study IV
ENGL 490 - English Internship
SPAN 101 - Elementary Spanish I
SPAN 102 - Elementary Spanish II
SPAN 205 - Intermediate Spanish
SPAN 301 - Advanced Grammar and Conversation
SPAN 302 - Advanced Grammar and Composition
SPAN 303 - Spanish for Careers
SPAN 311 - Culture and Civilization of Spain
SPAN 312 - Culture and Civilization of Latin America
SPAN 335 - Introduction to the Study of Literature in Spanish
SPAN 411 - Survey of the Literature of Spain
SPAN 412 - Survey of the Literature of Latin America
SPAN 435 - Lights, Camera, Action
SPAN 450 - International Experience
SPAN 601 - Spanish for Health Care Professionals I
SPAN 602 - Spanish for Health Care Professionals II
SPAN 603 - Spanish for Health Care Professionals III
SPAN 604 - Spanish for Health Care Professionals Practicum
SPAN 605 - Global Immersion Experience for Health Care Professionals
WRTG 011M - Writing the Hills
WRTG 013M - Oral History in the Loess Hills
WRTG 128 - Introduction to Creative Writing
WRTG 159 - Contemporary Argument and Research
WRTG 175 - Independent Writing Study
WRTG 19 IS - Advanced Briar Cliff Review
WRTG 225 - Organizational Communications
WRTG 275 - Independent Writing Study II
WRTG 305 - Grant Writing
WRTG 315 - Writing for the Web
WRTG 325 - Technical Writing
WRTG 328 - Creative Writing Workshop: Poetry
WRTG 329 - Creative Writing Workshop: Fiction
WRTG 330 - Creative Writing Workshop: Nonfiction
WRTG 335 - Introduction to Linguistics
WRTG 375 - Independent Writing Study III
WRTG 390 - Writing Internship
WRTG 420 - Composition Seminar/Practicum
WRTG 460 - Senior Seminar
WRTG 475 - Independent Writing Study IV
WRTG 490 - Careers/Internship


Matthew Pangborn

Matthew Pangborn
Associate Professor of English and Writing, Director of CELT

Ryan Allen

Ryan Allen
Associate Professor of English and Writing, Modern Languages Department Chair

Tricia Sheehan-Currans

Tricia Currans-Sheehan
Professor of English and Writing; Editor of the Briar Cliff Review

Patricia Taylor

Patricia Taylor
Assistant Professor of English

Willie Suarez

Willie Suarez
Assistant Professor of Spanish; Adjunct Instructor, Doctor of Physical Therapy* program

Jeff Gard
Writing Center Director, Assistant Professor of English and Writing

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Angelica Mercado

I'm thinking about being a museum curator or an art therapist. I've seen how art can change people's lives!

Angelica Mercado

Art and Writing Major ('16)

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