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In the Franciscan tradition, the Briar Cliff University Department of Education prepares professional educators through community and service. Our program is known for producing caring, distinguished teachers and is fully approved by the Iowa Department of Education.

The Teacher Education Program at Briar Cliff University is accredited by the Iowa Department of Education. Completion of the Teacher Education Program at Briar Cliff University prepares students for professional licensure in Iowa. A determination has not been made of whether the Teacher Education Program at Briar Cliff University meets the licensing requirements outside the state of Iowa. Students who wish to be licensed in states outside of Iowa should seek guidance from the licensing entity in which they plan to practice before beginning the education program at Briar Cliff University. A link to each state’s licensing board and their contact can be located here at

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Feb 25, 2021

Physical Education Endorsement Renewed at Briar Cliff

Feb 3, 2021

Catholic Daughters Set Up Formal Wear Drive

Nov 18, 2020

Education Professor Presents at IACTE Virtual Conference

Nov 18, 2020

Teaching the Next Generation: Future Teachers of America Day

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EDEL 220 - Earth and Space Science
EDEL 241 - Children's Literature
EDEL 316 - Teaching Elementary Science
EDEL 317 - Health Methods
EDEL 318 - Visual Arts Methods
EDEL 319 - Performance Arts Methods
EDEL 335 - Teaching Elementary Mathematics
EDEL 342 - Teaching Elementary Social Studies
EDEL 461 - Teaching Elementary Language Arts
EDEL 464 - Reading Assessment, Diagnosis and Evaluation
EDEL 465 - Reading Practicum
EDEL 466 - Elementary Reading and Content Area Instruction
EDMI 422 - Middle School Literacy
EDUC 01 IS - Management and Instruction (25-Hour Practicum)
EDUC 02 IS - Educational Psychology (25-Hour Practicum)
EDUC 03 IS - Educational Technology
EDUC 100 - Introduction to Education
EDUC 101 - Introduction to Education (10-Hour Practicum)
EDUC 14 IS - Student Teaching Seminar
EDUC 150 - Foundations and Ministry of Catholic School Teaching
EDUC 250 - Management and Instruction
EDUC 270 - Exceptional Learners
EDUC 318 - Educational Psychology
EDUC 330 - Educational Measurement and Evaluation
EDUC 410 - Student Teaching in the Elementary School
EDUC 412 - Student Teaching K-12
EDUC 415 - Student Teaching in the Secondary School
EDUC 423 - Content Area Literacy
EDUC 452 - Human Relations for Teachers
EDUC 466 - Elementary Reading and Content Area Instruction
EDUC 475 - Independent Educational Study
SPED 01IS - Practicum in Special Education 20-Hour Field Experience
SPED 02IS - Practicum in Special Education 20-hour Field Experience
SPED 04IS - Ethics and Law in Special Education
SPED 05IS - Writing and Interpreting IEPs
SPED 290 - Introduction to Special Education & the K-12 Mild and Moderate Instructional Special Education Programs
SPED 292 - K-8 Curricular and Instructional Methodologies in the Education of the Mildly and Moderately Disabled
SPED 295 - 5-12 Curricular and Instructional Methodologies in the Education of the Mildly and Moderately Disabled
SPED 325 - Behavior Management and Classroom Management
SPED 340 - Strategies for K-12 Students with Identified Disabilities
SPED 350 - Behavior Interventions
SPED 380 - Diagnosis, Assessment, and Evaluation of Special Education Students
SPED 395 - Working With Parents and Staff of Exceptional Children
SPED 416 - Student Teaching in a K-8 Multicategorical Resource Room
SPED 418 - Student Teaching in a 5-12 Multicategorical Resource Room
SPED 420 - Special Education Students: Career-Vocational Planning


Theresa Engle

Theresa Engle
Associate Professor of Education; Department of Education Chair

Ken Berg

Ken Berg
Associate Professor of Education

Traci Hansen

Traci Kell
Assistant Professor of Education

Jeanene Sampson
Assistant Professor of Education

Kathryn Kurz
Assistant Professor of Education

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The Briar Cliff education program is very unique. Some of my first classes were in different education classrooms watching and observing. This allowed me to see and understand what teaching different age levels was like. Each year after that, I was introduced to more and more opportunities for hands-on experience. By the time I graduate, I will know exactly what to expect and how to be a successful educator.

Nicole Raner

Elementary Education

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