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What to Pack


For students moving to campus, don't forget to text your roommate and decide who will be responsible for bringing a TV, microwave, refrigerator, futon and any other furniture.

Here are some important lists to remember:

What to Pack

  • Alarm Clock
  • Backpack
  • School Supplies
  • Clothes (for all seasons!)
  • Hangers
  • Laundry Hamper
  • Desk Lamp
  • Extra Furniture (Futons, lawn chairs, etc.)
  • Fan
  • First Aid Kid
  • Iron
  • Linens & Pillows
  • Mattress Pad
  • Plants
  • Posters & Pictures
  • Prescribed Medications
  • Shower Caddy
  • Shower Shoes
  • Small Refrigerator (one per room, 5 cubic feet or less, 110-volt current)
  • Television
  • Electrical Power Strips (on/off switch, 15-amp circuit breaker, 3-prong plug-in)

What NOT to Pack

  • Air Soft guns 
  • Air conditioner
  • Electric Grill
  • Freezer
  • Halogen lamps
  • Hot Plates
  • Pets (small fish are allowed, with a 10-gallon tank limit)
  • Toaster Ovens
  • Toasters
  • Water Beds

Each Residence Hall Room Contains

  • Two beds (upon request)
  • Two desks (desk chairs upon request)
  • Two dressers
  • Two closets

Each Residence Hall Floor Contains

  • Laundry Room
  • Study/TV Lounge