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BYOD! What does it mean?

We have a "Bring Your Own Device" policy at BCU. FAQs »

Recommended Computers & Devices

In college, your mobile device can be as important as your textbooks (and sometimes, it is your textbook!). Where and how you get your mobile device is up to you — but here is the list of primary devices Briar Cliff currently recommends and can fully support:

  • iPad (2nd generation or higher; 7.9" or larger)
  • Windows laptop (Windows Version 7 or higher)
  • Apple laptop (Mac Version 10.6 or higher)
  • Windows tablet (8" or larger, NOT "RT" version)
  • Android tablet (8" or larger, MUST have Google Play Store)

If you have specific hardware or software questions, contact the director of education technology. Or, you can always refer to this list of FAQs and their answers:


Who is responsible for purchasing my device & software?

What if I need help buying my device & software?

What if I lose my device or it breaks?

Can I use the same device during all my years at BCU?

I already own a device from BCU's former iPad program. Does this still qualify?

Can I go to BCU without bringing a device?

Doesn't BCU have computer labs? Why can't I just use them?

Will there be technical support at BCU for my device?