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Theology (Minor) Program

Primary or Secondary Minor

Students who wish to include a broad exposure to basic Christian teachings in their liberal arts education may elect to minor in theology. While the department emphasizes the Roman Catholic and Fransiscan heritage of the University, students of other traditions will find courses among the department's offerings that challenge them to consider the essential quesitons of life's meaning in light of their own traditions.


Core Theology (Minor) Courses

THEO 115 - Foundations of Christianity
THEO 204 - Christian Morality
THEO 223 - Old Testament
THEO 405 - Christology

Additional Program Requirements

The theology minor requres three additional THEO courses, two of which must be numbered 300 or above and one of which is strongly recommended to be THEO 405.

Students who minor in theology are welcome to participate in THEO 491 (Senior Seminar) or THEO 480 (Biblical Theology) during their senior year, if they so choose. However, these courses will not count toward their minor.

NOTE: THEO 116 is interchangeable with THEO 115; THEO 224 is interchangeable with 223.