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Writing Program

Bachelor of Arts

Writing offers a lifetime of challenge and reward. Whether its result is a novel or a technical proposal, the writer’s work is essential to informing and improving society. The “information revolution” insures that the writer’s skills will be increasingly in demand to create, shape, communicate, and translate knowledge.

Upon graduation, students majoring in writing will be able to write clearly and persuasively; research, organize and communicate information effectively; compose in standard journalistic, business, and creative literary forms; help others with their writing; appreciate well-crafted writing; communicate effectively to a live audience; use their writing skills to serve others in their communities; and explore career options and implement job search strategies.

The major offers three separate emphases:

  • The creative writing emphasis will typically include work on a campus publication, an independent study and study in a performing art or craft.
  • The business writing emphasis will typically include supporting coursework in business administration and quantitative and analytical skills.
  • The composition-linguistic-rhetoric emphasis is intended as preparation for graduate study. Students pursuing this emphasis will need supporting coursework in the humanities, and may choose relevant courses from computer science and psychology.

Core Writing Courses

ENGL 01 IS - Interpreting Poetry
ENGL 02 IS - Careers for Humanities Majors
ENGL 16 IS - Briar Cliff Review: Proofing and Producing
MCOM 200 - Beginning Newswriting
MCOM 225 - Graphic Communications
MCOM 312 - Advanced Newswriting and Copyediting
WRTG 109 - Introduction to College Writing
WRTG 128 - Introduction to Creative Writing
WRTG 159 - Contemporary Argument and Research
WRTG 19 IS - Advanced Briar Cliff Review
WRTG 225 - Organizational Communications
WRTG 328 - Creative Writing Workshop: Poetry
WRTG 420 - Composition Seminar/Practicum

Additional Program Requirements

The writing major also requires an additional pair of 3- or 4-hour courses — one of which is at the 300-level or above — selected from all remaining WRTG courses, MCOM 307 or MCOM 331.

The major also requires two additional credit hours from any other appropriate courses in WRTG, ENGL, or MCOM.

Finally, the writing major will select any pair of 3-hour literature courses from the English program, one of which is at the 300 level or above.