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English (Teaching) Program

Teaching Endorsement

The English teaching endorsement prepares students to instruct reading, writing and comprehension in the classroom.

Upon graduation, students majoring in English will be able to demonstrate coherent historical knowledge of literature, analyze, interpret, evaluate and appreciate well-crafted literature and be able to share that appreciation with others, write clearly and persuasively, research, organize and communicate information effectively, help others with their writing, communicate effectively in the classroom, use their English skills to serve future students of their own.

Core English (Teaching) Courses

SPEC 111 - Public Speaking
WRTG 335 - Introduction to Linguistics
WRTG 336 - Modern Grammar

Additional Program Requirements

In addition to the traditional English Major requirements, the following courses are required for a 7-12 endorsement:

A K-6 endorsement, meanwhile, requires only these additional courses: