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Department of History

The Department of History believes that students must become more broadly educated in order to be prepared to live in an increasingly complex society. By gaining awareness of historical traditions as well as the critical thinking skills of the historian’s craft, students will be better prepared to confront this complex society as informed citizens.

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Exploring history at Briar Cliff is an adventure; one that will make you stand out in the career you decide to pursue: as a lawyer, writer, librarian, teacher, businessperson — or even as a politician. Along the way, uncover and discover things you never knew about humankind — and yourself! Read More »

History (Minor)

History (Minor)

History (Minor)

The minor in history is designed to teach students the key themes, issues and trends that have shaped humankind. The minor will develop necessary skills in a variety of fields, including education, law, government, social work, business and media, among hundreds of others. Read More »


HIST 108 - International Travel Seminar
HIST 110 - An Introduction to World Civilizations
HIST 113 - Western Civilization I
HIST 114 - Western Civilization II
HIST 175 - Independent Study
HIST 203 - Historical Inquiry
HIST 224 - The Vietnam Experience
HIST 231 - American History to 1877
HIST 232 - U.S. History Since 1877
HIST 238 - History of Urban America
HIST 239 - U.S. Popular Culture
HIST 256 - An Introduction to Russian History
HIST 260 - An Introduction to East Asian History
HIST 275 - Independent Study II
HIST 337 - Twentieth Century World History
HIST 345 - Diplomatic History of the United States
HIST 351 - Studies in American History I
HIST 352 - Studies in American History II
HIST 353 - Studies in American History III
HIST 360 - Social History of Western Civilization
HIST 375 - Independent Study III
HIST 440 - Special Methods of Teaching Secondary Social Science
HIST 468 - Intellectual History
HIST 470 - Senior Thesis
HIST 475 - Independent Study IV
HIST 490 - History Internship
PSCI 101 - American Government
PSCI 224 - Geography and World Cultures
PSCI 243 - State and Local Government
PSCI 245 - Constitutional Law
PSCI 264 - Politics of Film
PSCI 284 - Comparative Politics
PSCI 300 - African Politics
PSCI 303 - Congress and the Presidency
PSCI 318 - The Elections
PSCI 321 - Mock Trial
PSCI 338 - Parties and the Elections
PSCI 340 - Social Science Research Methods
PSCI 370 - Criminal Law
PSCI 401 - Environmental Law and Policy
PSCI 455 - American Political Thought


Eric Juhnke
Professor of History; History Department Chair

Nathan Probasco
Assistant Professor of History

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