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Secondary Education

Bachelor of Arts

In the Franciscan tradition, the Briar Cliff University education program prepares professional educators through community, service and learning.

Secondary education majors (grades 7-12) must seek a separate academic major at Briar Cliff. This means that students with a double major must fulfill all the departmental requirements for the major departments.

Core Courses

EDSE 07 IR - Content Area Reading
EDUC 03 IS - Introduction to Education Computer/Media Technology
EDUC 14 IS - Electronic Portfolio
EDUC 210 - Educational Foundations
EDUC 250 - Management and Instruction
EDUC 270 - Exceptional Learners
EDUC 318 - Educational Psychology
EDUC 330 - Educational Measurement and Evaluation
EDUC 412 - Student Teaching K-12
EDUC 450 - Human Relations
HIST 231 - American History to 1877
MATH 105 - Mathematics for Liberal Arts Students
PSYC 110 - Introduction to Psychology
PSYC 280 - Developmental Psychology
SOCY 240 - Racial, Ethnic and Gender Inequality

Additional Program Requirements

All students intending to seek licensure must first be admitted into the Teacher Preparation Program, and students seeking a secondary education major must also have an academic major.

Secondary education majors must also take one phyiscal science course, one life science course and a specific methods course (440) from their selected major.

All grades in the major must be "C" or above.

NOTES: EDUC 415 is interchangeable with EDUC 412; HIST 232 is interchangeable with HIST 231; PSCI 224 is interchangeable with SOCY 240.