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Education Department

Education Department

In the Franciscan tradition, the Briar Cliff University education department prepares teacher candidates through community and service. Our program is known for producing caring, distinguished teachers and is fully approved by the Iowa Department of Education.



Elementary Education

Elementary Education

Elementary Education

Gain real experience, in real classrooms, at the Professional Development School — a collaborative relationship between Briar Cliff and neighboring Leeds Elementary School. Our program also includes a reading endorsement, a student teaching internship and is fully approved by the Iowa Department of Education. Read More »

K-12 Education Major

K-12 Education Major

K-12 Education Major

If you plan to teach art, music or physical education, enroll as a K-12 education major (along with the major of your specialized subject). The program includes a student teaching internship, and is fully approved by the Iowa Department of Education. Read More »

Secondary Education

Secondary Education

Secondary Education

Teach your passion! As a secondary education major (grades 7-12), you are essentially a double major in education and whichever academic discipline you decide to pursue. The program includes a student teaching internship, and is fully approved by the Iowa Department of Education. Read More »



EDEL 241 - Children's Literature
EDEL 316 - Teaching Elementary Science
EDEL 317 - Health Methods
EDEL 318 - Visual Arts Methods
EDEL 319 - Performance Arts Methods
EDEL 335 - Teaching Elementary Mathematics
EDEL 342 - Teaching Elementary Social Studies
EDEL 461 - Teaching Elementary Language Arts
EDEL 464 - Reading Assessment, Diagnosis and Evaluation
EDEL 465 - Reading Practicum
EDEL 466 - Elementary Reading and Content Area Instruction
EDMI 421 - Teaching in Middle School
EDMI 422 - Middle School Literacy
EDUC 03 IS - Introduction to Education Computer/Media Technology
EDUC 100 - Introduction to Education
EDUC 101 - Practicum
EDUC 14 IS - Electronic Portfolio
EDUC 210 - Educational Foundations
EDUC 250 - Management and Instruction
EDUC 270 - Exceptional Learners
EDUC 300 - Foundations of Catholic Schools in America
EDUC 318 - Educational Psychology
EDUC 330 - Educational Measurement and Evaluation
EDUC 400 - Ministry of Catholic School Teaching
EDUC 410 - Student Teaching in the Elementary School
EDUC 412 - Student Teaching K-12
EDUC 415 - Student Teaching in the Secondary School
EDUC 423 - Content Area Literacy
EDUC 452 - Human Relations for Teachers
EDUC 475 - Independent Educational Study
EDUC 500 - Research for School Leaders
EDUC 501 - Learning and Learners
EDUC 502 - Literacy, STEAM, and Turn-Around Schools
EDUC 503 - Systems Change in Organizations
EDUC 504 - Instructional Design and Assessment
EDUC 505 - Dynamics of Adult Learning and Professional Collaboration
EDUC 506 - Curriculum Development and Evaluation
EDUC 507 - Teaching and Assessing Virtual Classrooms
EDUC 508 - Shared Leadership and Supervision
EDUC 509 - Issues and Advocacy in Teacher Leadership


Kristen Crabtree-Groff
Associate Professor of Education; Division Chair of Education

Ken Berg
Associate Professor of Education

Theresa Engle
Assistant Professor of Education

Ruth Schock, O.S.F.
Professor of Education

Traci Hansen
Instructor of Education

Jill Becker
Administrative Assistant, Education Department; Talent Search

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