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Journalism and Digital Media Program

Bachelor of Arts — Program Overview

There are a ton of ways to tell a story — radio, television, print, public relations, photography, graphic design, website development, social media ... Learn them all! 


Video Camera

Gain experience writing for the Cliff News online student publication. Learn to write, announce and produce for the university’s on-air radio station. Shoot and edit footage for Cliff News TV, BCU's student video department. You'll have 24-hour access to the Integrated Multimedia Center, a laboratory with workstations that include large-screen iMac computers equipped with the full Adobe Creative Cloud software suite. 



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Cliff News

Check out BCU's online student publication; written by students, for students.

One thing on my bucket list is to visit each continent. All of the travel opportunities at BCU will help me reach that goal.

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Core Journalism and Digital Media Courses

MCOM 101 - Introduction to Mass Media
MCOM 200 - Beginning Newswriting
MCOM 216 - Digital Photography
MCOM 220 - Visual Communications
MCOM 225 - Graphic Communications
MCOM 230 - Global Media Studies
MCOM 300 - Legal and Ethical Issues in the Media
MCOM 307 - Public Relations
MCOM 31 - Cliff News Practicum I
MCOM 310 - Photojournalism
MCOM 32 - Cliff News Practicum II
MCOM 325 - Website Production
MCOM 330 - Video Production
MCOM 331 - Reporting for Electronic Media
MCOM 333 - Advanced Video Production
MCOM 407 - Social Media
MCOM 440 - Research In Mass Media
MCOM 490 - Internship/Work Experience
MCOM 51 - Radio Practicum I
MCOM 52 - Radio Practicum II
MCOM 61 - Video Practicum I
MCOM 62 - Video Practicum II

Additional Program Requirements

All students in the mass media department and any student enrolled in MCOM courses scheduled in the Integrated Media Center will be charged a $10 lab fee. To gain access, a student must first read the department’s IMC policy and sign the authorization for access form, which is available from the department chairperson.