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Computer Science Program

Bachelor of Arts; Bachelor of Science

The computer science curriculum promotes the development of skills in problem-solving using a computer. The major is designed to prepare students for either careers in the computer field or for graduate study.

Upon graduation, students majoring in computer science will be able to:

  • Use common algorithms and data structures and apply them to new problems.
  • Demonstrate fluency in object-oriented programming in both desktop and Internet applications.
  • Use relational database technology.
  • Understand basic computer architecture, the basic concepts of operating systems and data communications.

Core Computer Science Courses

CSCI 201 - Computer Programming I
CSCI 202 - Computer Programming II
CSCI 280 - Computer Organization
CSCI 325 - Data Structures and Algorithms
CSCI 345 - Database Management
CSCI 360 - Networking/Communications
CSCI 380 - Operating Systems
CSCI 425 - Internet Programming
MATH 200 - Elementary Statistics
MATH 324 - Statistical Methods I
PHIL 212 - Ethics in Business and Society
SPEC 111 - Public Speaking
WRTG 225 - Organizational Communications

Additional Program Requirements

All computer science majors must complete 10 to 13 courses numbered above 200, including the courses that are specifically stated as requirements. Students must also take 4 credit hours of independent reading.


Computer science majors pursuing a Bachelor of Science must also take:


Computer science majors pursing a Bachelor of Arts must also take: