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Art Teaching Program

Teaching Endorsement

A teaching endorsement in art allows the student to develop foundations of drawing, design, art history and theory, and enables the student to instill those foundations inside their future classroom.

In Briar Cliff's art program, students develop an appreciation and understanding of various art forms through in depth criticism, leading to artistic and intellectual growth. A strong foundation in art history and philosophy of art is also stressed. Courses introduce students to great artists and philosophies of the past and present.

Upon graduation, students majoring in art will be able to:

  • Produce basic visual forms
  • Use an electronic image portfolio of their works,
  • Understand the history of western art
  • Understand and apply media and techniques as an integral component of their art works
  • Develop an understanding of contemporary and avant-garde issues in art
  • Encounter critical and historical works of art
  • Independently produce critical, creative and personal works of art using appropriate media and techniques
  • Relate their work to critical theories and art history
  • Pursue professional and career options in art such as graduate study in painting, sculpture, museum studies, architecture or other areas of special interest.
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Alyssa Keller
A stop-motion video, created by art major Alyssa Keller ('13).
More of Keller's work »


Clausen Art Gallery

A live, working gallery for current students to exhibit their artwork. Stop by anytime! 

Core Art Teaching Courses

ART 110 - Drawing I
ART 111 - Design
ART 115 - Art History: Prehistory to Gothic
ART 116 - Art History: Renaissance to Modern
ART 117 - Art History: Modern
ART 120 - Drawing II
ART 217 - Reading Seminar
ART 225 - Media and Techniques
ART 235 - Encounter with Art I
ART 250 - Studio I
ART 260 - Studio II
ART 332 - Special Methods of Teaching Elementary Art
ART 345 - Encounter With Art II
ART 350 - Studio III
ART 360 - Studio IV
ART 425 - Senior Seminar
ART 440 - Special Methods of Teaching Secondary Art
ART 450 - Studio V
ART 460 - Studio VI, Thesis

Additional Program Requirements

A K-6 art teaching endorsement does not require ART 440.

Those seeking both a K-6 and 7-12 endorsement must take ART 332 & ART 440.