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Art Program

Bachelor of Arts — Program Overview

Art is more than a four-year program of study at Briar Cliff. It’s the beginning of a lifetime of experiences, growth, ideas and expression.

DISCOVER YOUR PASSION: Begin your artistic development with the foundations of design, art history and theory. Then, move on to a progressive studio experience, tailored to fit your interest as an artist — painting, sculpture, drawing, ceramics or any other traditional or non-traditional technique or form.

DISPLAY YOUR WORK: The Clausen Art Gallery on campus is a live, working exhibit, where you’ll have the chance to display your own artwork in a gallery setting. The gallery has featured student and professional artists from across Siouxland — and beyond!

SEE THE WORLD: Each year, you’ll have the chance to visit larger museums and galleries in the U.S. and abroad. Inspiration can come from anywhere, so take advantage of travel opportunities!

INTERESTED IN TEACHING? Pick up an art teaching endorsement, and carry your passion for art to the classroom.


Our graduates have pursued successful careers as practicing artists, art teachers, graphic designers, architects, art therapists, art historians and professional photographers.

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Alyssa Keller
A stop-motion video, created by art major Alyssa Keller ('13).
More of Keller's work »


Clausen Art Gallery

A live, working gallery for current students to exhibit their artwork. Stop by anytime! 

Core Art Courses

ART 110 - Drawing I
ART 111 - Design
ART 115 - Art History: Prehistory to Gothic
ART 116 - Art History: Renaissance to Modern
ART 117 - Art History: Modern
ART 120 - Drawing II
ART 217 - Reading Seminar
ART 225 - Media and Techniques
ART 235 - Encounter with Art I
ART 250 - Studio I
ART 260 - Studio II
ART 345 - Encounter With Art II
ART 350 - Studio III
ART 360 - Studio IV
ART 425 - Senior Seminar
ART 450 - Studio V
ART 460 - Studio VI, Thesis

Additional Program Requirements

— A major art project is required for graduation and is completed independently in the senior year.

— Every art major will showcase a special exhibition of their work in the second semester of their senior year.

— Finally, majors must present to the department a written paper on their thesis work and a CD collection of their works from their senior exhibit.