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Art History Program

Primary or Secondary Minor — Overview

The minor in Art History is designed to develop students' intellectual abilities and technical skills, along with an appreciation of the major events that shaped art as we know it today. This minor will provide valuable skills for a variety of fields, including graphic design, architecture, curatorship and teaching.

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Alyssa Keller
A stop-motion video, created by art major Alyssa Keller ('13).
More of Keller's work »


Clausen Art Gallery

A live, working gallery for current students to exhibit their artwork. Stop by anytime! 

Core Art History Courses

ART 115 - Art History: Prehistory to Gothic
ART 116 - Art History: Renaissance to Modern
ART 117 - Art History: Modern
ART 217 - Reading Seminar
HIST 110 - An Introduction to World Civilizations

Additional Program Requirements

The minor in art history also requires the completion of either ART 111 or ART 230