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Request a Project

All marketing project requests must be submitted through a project request form. You can submit a form online or download a printable form (PDF) and return it to University Relations.

Request a Project



  • Please request jobs 1-2 weeks prior to when design needs to start.
  • Allow 2 weeks for web and graphic design. (More complex requests may take longer.)
  • Allow 1-2 weeks for printing. (Depending on current print schedule and in-house vs. outsourced.)
  • Allow 1 week for mailing.


If you need to design, print and mail a piece, you should request it 5-7 weeks in advance of the date you want it to be in your intended audience’s hands. In addition, if you have a complex design request, a 5-7 week advance notice is also suggested. 


Keep in mind, if you want to promote an event a month before it occurs, then you actually need to request the project approximately 3 months before the event date. If you want a longer publicity timeframe, then the project request needs to be turned in earlier, based on your timeline. 


We understand, sometimes “rush jobs” come up. However, out of courtesy for those creating the projects and for those following the lead time to request projects, please plan ahead for annual events and other anticipated needs. When you start planning an event, new program or anything newsworthy, that’s the time to talk to marketing and get promotion ideas started.

Marketing will try to accommodate rush jobs. In the instance that we cannot, we can recommend the appropriate outsourcing method. Please note, if costs are incurred for rush jobs that have to be outsourced, those costs will be incurred by the requesting department.


  • When submitting a project request, please provide all information requested on the project request form. This information will eliminate delays and improve the overall end product of your design.
  • The marketing team will help manage the project to ensure overall brand consistency and timeliness. Some projects will be designed and printed in-house, while other projects may be better suited for outsourced design and/or printing. Marketing can recommend the appropriate option on a project-by-project basis.
  • Some projects may also require support from the requesting department. In these instances, marketing will provide tools and templates to help you execute the project.
  • When requesting a new project, please be prepared to share any photos and/or graphics you want included in the project. Also, if the project has text you want included, please type the text and include the digital Word document when you submit the project request form.
  • It is important to maximize exposure of our brand messages, so marketing can assist in recommending proper distribution for projects.
  • Keep in mind, if your project requires printing and/or mailing, this will result in incurred costs for your department. Please let us know if you have a budget you need to work within. Additionally, these projects need a longer lead time for execution, so please plan accordingly.
  • Any projects designed without the assistance of marketing need to be shown to the Director of Marketing in University Relations for final approval prior to printing or placement of the new piece. The marketing department is here to assist with maintaining brand consistency; in order to do this we need to be your partner in releasing all content to internal and external audiences.


If you have any questions about the marketing project request guidelines or marketing request form, please call (712) 279-5405. Thank you!