STUDENT BLOG: Kick Procrastination to the Curb


1. Organization. 

The easiest way not procrastinate is to stay organized. Staying organized with an agenda or calendar will help you know the due dates for assignments and tests. To really stay motivated schedule small amounts of time like 15 minutes to work on your homework without any distractions, after the 15 minutes reward yourself with 5 minutes of social media scrolling or a snack.



2. Don't Wait. 

Don’t put off assignments until last minute. Starting assignments early will help you be more efficient and improve your time management. Being aware of your time can help you plan accordingly to due dates. It’s easier to fit 30 minutes of homework into your schedule than cramming all night writing a 5 page paper. Using free time wisely can ensure you complete your assignment completely and on time.



3. Get Rid of Distractions. 

Getting rid of distractions while completing homework is important. Try to complete your work in a comfortable room that is void of any distraction such as noise, or unfocused people. Want to really buckle down and focus? The Bishop Mueller Library has two nooks pods, which have 3 prong outlets, USB ports and are specially design to reduce sound. 



4. Stay Motivated. 

Doing homework is really not that hard. Take your time and start early so you can get it done in time. Refer to the syllabus and work ahead when you can.   

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