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Move-In Day Tips - Welcome to The Cliff!

Move In Day

We are excited and ready to welcome you to Briar Cliff University in the upcoming weeks! The energy on campus during move-in is like no other and full of anticipation for the upcoming academic year. Here are a few tips to prepare you for an easy and successful move-in experience.

Prep and Organize

If you haven’t already, reach out to your roommate and coordinate who will be bringing the futon, chairs, tv, gaming system, mini fridge, microwave, etc. Another thing to consider is spacing your arrival times a couple hours apart. Moving all your dorm room essentials and decorations can take up a lot of space and quickly become disorganized, especially if you and your roommate are doing it at the same time.

What and Who to Bring

Moving into your college dorm room for the first time is an exciting time for the entire family, but on move-in days there isn’t enough space around the halls to bring everyone. We suggest bringing enough people to help you move, and meeting up with all your family after you are settled. There will also be sports teams and the PALs all around campus ready to help you unload and carry your dorm room essentials.

Getting to your Residence Hall

Coming to BCU for the first time can be a little nerve racking, but no need to worry! Briar Cliff University is easy to navigate, especially since the road through campus is a one-way. Drive up the hill by the baseball and softball fields and continue straight past the fork in the road and into the Toller and Alverno parking lots across from the McCoy Arnold Center. You will see PALs and sports teams helping students and parents unloading and carrying boxes into the residence halls. Watch our snapchat story (briarcliffu) for a mini campus tour and more information about the residence halls.

Before unloading your vehicle, stop by Noonan Hall to pick up your dorm room key. You will need your key and student ID (which you should already have from orientation) to get in and out of the residence halls. Pro tip: Stop by the Roth Campus Bookstore to buy a lanyard with an attachable wallet to easily keep track of your key and ID.

Early and Returning Student Move-In

Students who have a university obligation and need to arrive sooner will be moving in early. Bring your student ID to Noonan Hall to receive your room key. No volunteers will be available to assist during returning student move-in.

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