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Student Blog: Briar Cliff dorms as Hogwarts Houses

Dorms as Hogwarts Noonan Hall

I’m sure your first thought upon seeing Briar Cliff University’s beautiful campus initially was something along the lines of, “Wow, there are four dorms?? This place is exactly like Hogwarts…So which house is right for me?” And if it wasn’t your first thought, I bet it was a close second. Wonder no further, my friends! I did the research so you wouldn’t have to.

Toller Hall

Ahhh, sweet, innocent, freshman-based Toller. This is definitely the equivalent to Hufflepuff. Far from the hustle and bustle of Noonan or Heelan, students have a peaceful place to live. It’s also linked to Alverno and gives students access to some of the more seasoned BCU goers. The Hufflepuff motto is, “Do what is nice,” which is something that many freshmen go by to gain respect from their elders. Most new students, much like the inhabitants of Hufflepuff House, are dedicated to their studies, play fair, and work hard in both sports and academics.

Alverno Hall

Arguably one of the most convenient halls to live in, Alverno can be closely related to Gryffindor House. This hall is home to students of all years, gives access to both Stark and Toller, AND has tunnels to the library and Heelan. You hardly have to go outside, and anyone clever enough to choose this house would definitely be a Gryffindor as well. Gryffindor’s motto is, “Do what is right.” Gryffindor and Alverno students alike are brave and proud, yet chivalrous, which works great for the students of Toller and Hufflepuff who look up to them.

Baxter-DiGiovanni Hall

Baxter students are typically upper classmen who keep their circles small. The apartment-style rooms built for 4 roommates is great for that. Everything they need is right in their dorm and they really only need to leave for class and if they actually like the caf. Separated from the rest of the Hogwarts society is Slytherin House. Slytherin students are (mostly) not evil, as it turns out, but they are resourceful, determined, and ambitious. The Slytherin motto reads, “Do what is necessary,” which goes along with the inhabitants of Baxter, because they’re ready to get out of BCU and into the real world of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Noonan Hall

The students of Noonan, nestled high atop Noonan Hill, are filled with wisdom and great knowledge of BCU. A Noonan Haller is likely a Ravenclaw. They are independent, good at making decisions, and many like to live alone. A Ravenclaw is also known for being quirky and creative. Ravenclaw’s motto is, “Do what is wise,” and many Noonan residents are actually BCU’s beloved Catholic Sisters, so we’ve got wisdom on wisdom on wisdom over there.

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