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STUDENT BLOG: Teacher Appreciation Day

Kaitlin Pauls

In honor of National Teacher Appreciation Day, Kaitlin Pauls ('19) shared a letter to a professor who changed her life during her time at The Cliff.

Dr. Wilfrido Suarez,

I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for me and my Spanish education. Before meeting you, I had no interest in taking any Spanish courses in college. Now, I am a Spanish major. Aside from being a great resource in the classroom, you have also helped me step out of my comfort zone by going on a three week trip to South America. This opened my eyes to an entirely different culture, and this is an experience I never would have had if you had not pushed me towards it. You always go the extra mile for your students and keep class fun and interesting. You ensure we are learning not just Spanish words, but also that we are learning about the culture as a whole. This emphasis helps set our Spanish program apart from others. Thank you for your commitment to your students. It is evident.

Kait Pauls

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