Insect Zoo invades 'Kids Zone' at Saturday in the Park

SIOUX CITY, Iowa — The Saturday In The Park Kids Zone is the section of the annual festival reserved solely for the littlest of concert-goers. This year, it was equipped with our usual kid-friendly activities like moon-bounces, trampolines and face paint.

This year though, the Kids Zone also got a little creepy-crawly thanks to the Briar Cliff University Insect Zoo

"We have pretty much all of the specimens we have at Briar Cliff University right now here on display at Saturday In The Park," said Dr. Ted Wilson, who is director of the Insect Zoo. "We have an Emperor Scorpion, a Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches, Tarantula, a Giant Millipede. Just love getting the contact with the public, showing people, hey these big somewhat scary critters are really neat to look at, something to learn and appreciate."

The BCU Insect Zoo does all kinds of presentations and activities throughout the year.

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