Nursing Camp Students Gain Hands-on Experience

06.20.13 Nursing CampPHOTO: Mischalet Fenceroy of Sioux City checks the vitals of a "sim baby," a computerized infant model in BCU's state-of-the-art simulation nursing lab. The exercise was part of hands-on training campers received during BCU’s Nursing Camp.

SIOUX CITY, Iowa — Briar Cliff University's nursing department prides itself in its human simulators.

Assistant Professor of Nursing Traci Holmquist, says, "We do have the vital sim guy which is basically just listening to heart and lungs, and he does have vital signs so a student could take blood pressure just like they would on a real person, and faculty can adjust those things."

This may come as a surprise, but not very many nursing departments have these tools.

For this reason, 15-year-old Dina Longstaff made her way to Briar Cliff all the way from Anthem, Ariz. For four days this week, Dina will learn the ins and outs of nursing through these human simulators.

Longstaff says, "When I'm looking for the colleges, because we are already doing that search, I'm looking for the simulation labs and all of the amenities. So my mom did a lot of research and found this one. There were others, but this was by far the best, you do cadaver labs, you learn a lot of stuff."

Every other year Briar Cliff holds this camp for young students aspiring to be nurses. The students get a little taste of college life, but most importantly they get to experience the life of a nurse.

Holmquist says, "This gives them an idea that there's more to it than passing pills, and you really do have to understand how a body works in situations, and what decisions you have to make."

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