BCU students pay it forward in U.S. and Overseas

Danbi Kim, left, and Moonyoung Lee were part of a student group that pitched in at Jerusalem Farm over Spring Break.

SIOUX CITY, Iowa — Elementary to college kids in Sioux City are making a difference for people who need help here in the U.S. and overseas. Heelan and Briar Cliff students have both taken time out of the classroom to make meals and rebuild homes.

While Bishop Heelan spends the day packing meals for families in other countries... Briar Cliff students reminisce about their spring break.

"Just being able to let loose for a week and help other people is just such a powerful experience that most people don't get to do," said Briar Cliff senior Logan Murray.

Joplin, Missouri, is still recovering from a tornado that tore through the town nearly two years ago.

"I felt like I had a great sense of purpose. And you can experience some of the sadness with the owners, but you can also experience some of the joy," said Courtney Kayton, a junior at Briar Cliff.

In Kansas City, students pitched in at the 'Jerusalem Farm', repairing homes for the poor while living a simple lifestyle for the week.

"Getting out of your little bubble of your life and realizing that some people don't have all of the great things that you do," said Briar Cliff sophomore Rachel Mirose.

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