High School students learn about human body in BCU's cadaver lab

CadaverSIOUX CITY, Iowa (KTIV) — In school, you might remember dissecting worms, and frogs.

But, some high school students got a sense of what it might be like to study the human body the same way.

Allie Albrecht is just a senior in high school, but she's wanted to become a doctor since she was young.

In order to become one, she'll eventually have to work on cadavers in college.

Friday, she got a sense of what that will be like.

"We got to feel a vein, which you could feel the clots in the vein, which was pretty cool," said Allie Albrecht, Ponca High School Senior.

Allie, along with several other high school students, who are interested in the health field, toured a Briar Cliff University Cadaver lab.

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