Briar Cliff grad's path to religious life

The number four was always significant to Bethany Kowal, a Briar Cliff University graduate, without her really understanding why.

The Omaha, Neb., native always wore the number four in athletics and never forgot a friend’s birthday on Oct. 4, even though she barely remembered her own family’s birthdays.

When she learned that Oct. 4 was St. Francis’ Feast Day—it made sense. Religious life was something she had grappled with and to her this was one of many signs God was calling.

Kowal, 28, entered the sisters of St. Francis as a candidate in July 2012 but her path to that moment began when she was a young girl. Kowal’s aunt was a Franciscan sister and the San Damiano cross she kept in her home had a special significance to Kowal.

“I remember being drawn to it and not knowing why,” she said.

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