Home for the Holidays? Keep Your Expectations in Check


The end of the semester is upon us!  During their time at BCU, your student has learned many things-both in and out of the classroom.  They have established their own routines, an increased level of independence and personal responsibility.  You may be wondering how that will translate when they are back under your roof.  To help ease the transition, we advise you to have a conversation with your student about expectations when they return home for the holidays.  Some things to consider are:


  • What will household chore expectations be? (students have been responsible for their own laundry at college…they can keep up with that at home, too!)

  • How will your grocery needs change and will you expect your student to contribute?

  • Will there be a curfew in place?

  • How do you want your student to communicate with you about their social plans?

  • Will you expect your student to attend family functions?  Make sure to communicate the major dates to them in advance.

  • Keep in mind that your student has established their own sleep schedule (and we know college students like to sleep in when they have the chance!).  If having your student up and about at a reasonable hour is important to you, talk about that in advance.

You may find that the dynamic of your relationship has changed.  Once the household basic expectations are established, we have found that the bond between parents and their students improves.  You are now able to interact with your son/daughter on a more adult level.  Allow each other your space, but be sure to allow plenty of time for family activities.  Keep in mind that if you have other children in your home, they have become accustomed to a new normal while your student was away.  Be sure to include them in the conversations as there will be an adjustment for them, too. 

 Now...on to the fun!  Your student will love having some of the comforts of home back.  Take them out to their favorite hometown restaurant.  Cook them their favorite meal.  Have family game nights or movie nights like you used to!  Your students are growing and changing during their time at BCU, but keep in mind they are still your children—and they will love the extra care of being home.   

Be patient with each other.  Make new memories together.  And, when the time comes, we will be ready to welcome them back to campus with open arms!  Thank you for sharing your sons and daughters with us.  We are blessed to have them, and by extension you, as a part of the BCU community!


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