iPad-wielding freshmen fuse learning, fun

Cheerleading involves hard work, teamwork, planning and much more – just ask Kiahna Arquilla. She breaks down her practice film like a football player, recording footage on her new iPad and playing it back in slow motion.

“It’s much needed for a cheerleader,” Arquilla says, “because it’s hard to fix your jumps, kicks and stunts without seeing what you’re doing wrong.”

It’s just one of hundreds of ways students are using their new Apple iPad 3 computer tablets that BCU provides to incoming freshmen. They connect with professors, take notes, study for tests, perform research and download applications with ease.

“I have an app for anatomy of this 3-D human body, which you can break apart to study the skeletal system, the muscle and the nervous system – you name it,” says Allie Radintz, a psychology major.

With iPads, students can also listen to music, share photos, play games and log on to social media – all in one place.

“They’re definitely useful from a school standpoint, as well as from an entertainment point,” Ryne Kludt says. “Plus, they’re ours to keep.”

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