Briar Cliff unveils new athletic logo

07.11.13 Logo EvolutionPHOTO: The evolution of Briar Cliff's athletic logos. The newest BCU athletic logo (right), was unveiled on July 12, 2013.

SIOUX CITY, Iowa — The Briar Cliff University Athletic Department is adding to its iconic BC logo.

"We have spent the better part of the last decade extensively branding our interlocking BC. The BC has been, and will continue to be, Briar Cliff Athletics," said Briar Cliff Associate Athletic Director Jared Bodammer. "That being said, we recognized the need to modernize our Charger horse and felt that the timing was right to introduce a secondary athletic logo in which the Charger was featured. We feel this new logo reflects both our history and a sense of innovation and forward thinking. We believe this bold, modern look will serve Briar Cliff athletics well into the future."

In the school's history, the new logo is only the third version of the Charger horse. This new horse has been modernized to allow it to better reflect strength and determination, as well as the spirit of Briar Cliff Athletics. This logo also gives birth to a new mascot, referred to as "Bolt." A lightning bolt, which has been used to represent the Chargers at different points in their history, is clearly visible in Bolt's mane. Early basketball teams used a lightning bolt on warm-ups and the Chargers' first football teams also embraced an electric charge. One of the most predominate features is Bolt's facial armor. The department's vision behind the Charger, is a horse used in battle. The facial armor is used as an intentional tie to the Athletic Department's "Battle On" campaign.

This new logo was the culmination of a process which began over three years ago. The process was undertaken by the university's Sports Media Department under the direction of Bodammer. The process involved extensive research and design testing.

The new logo was developed by Brandon Osborn (a Briar Cliff alum), the Sports Media Creative Director, with creative assistance from former Charger student-athlete David Thomas. The interlocking "BC" will continue to be the athletic department's primary logo as it has become the consistent visual symbol of Briar Cliff Athletics. The new logo, which includes Bolt along with a smaller BC, will be considered the athletic department's secondary logo. With the full launch of the new logo comes a string of new requirements regarding how it will be used. Among them is the expectation that all uniforms, warm-up outfits, and practice gear will prominently display one, if not both of the logos (primary and secondary).

"This is another exciting step in the evolution of the Briar Cliff Athletic Department," said Steve Gast, BCU Director of Athletics. "Jared and Brandon have once again demonstrated the tremendous creativity they bring to the department and BCU. This new logo is a great follow-up to the dynamic new website they just rolled out. They are rapidly moving BCU Athletics into the multi-platform digital age and this logo is become a strong symbol of this movement."

The Sports Media Department is continuing to develop flexible versions of this new logo that can be used in a variety of applications. The Athletic Department will celebrate the release of this new logo with a "Bolt Celebration" early in the school year. At that time, merchandise featuring the new athletics logo will be available for purchase in the campus bookstore and also on-line at the Charger Shop.

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