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True Blue Gem of the Week

Utech, AlyssaAlyssa Utech

WHO SHE IS: Alyssa, or "Aly," has been BCU's resident graphic designer since 2011.


A colleague says, "Alyssa works diligently for the institution, without complaint, and produces outstanding multimedia creations for a wide array of University-wide events, initiatives, programs, etc. It's not just the amount of work she does that's significant — as most employees around here do have a lot of work to do — however, the QUALITY of her work is consistently excellent and I believe she is truly an unsung hero on this campus."

Another colleague says, "I'm not sure Aly has ever turned down a graphic design job from faculty, staff or administrators — even students who need wedding invitations! She does it all with a smile on her face and pep in her step! No complaints at all. She guided the photo shoot for 12 hours last week, and was in the office until 6:45 one night handling another project."

Congratulations to Alyssa Utech, our True Blue Gem of the Week for Sept. 19!